Karen and Chuck discuss government shutdowns, past, present. Why this one is different and potential consequences.


Chuck and Karen reflect on their favorite and least favorite episodes and their podcast journey through the year and make a couple of big announcements.

Karen and Chuck discuss Christmas stories, political regret and how guilt can be good.  And what matters most.  

The annoying statistical nightmare that finally ends Karen’s series on election fraud...I mean Chuck and Karen finish their discussion on election tampering. They also talk Putin and PAPER.

Karen and Chuck talk about fraud claims from the left and right. We address gerrymandering, voter ID laws, Crosscheck, voter impersonation and all the thing that happen in Florida. 

Chuck and Karen examine the fowl innards of the turkey pardons.

After the dust settles on the mid-terms, Karen and Chuck take a look at how voting has evolved since our founding.  Bloodbaths, Mobs and Cults, oh my!  

Karen and Chuck look at ghosts of midterms past and compare those to the 2018 midterms. Karen once again swoons over a certain Midwestern Senator and Chuck reveals his secret crush on a special Samoan Representative. 

Karen and Chuck discuss false flags. why Karen is a conspiracy nut and what they can do about it.  

Karen and Chuck discuss the political strategies that they would use if they were the heads of each party. 

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